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Navigating the Eastern Coromandel Real Estate Market During the SH25A Road Closure

Looking to sell your Eastern Coromandel home?

Alongside current economic strains like rising inflation causing increased interest rates, the Eastern Coast of the Coromandel has been severely impacted by the 25a road closure. While physical barriers may prevent potential buyers from viewing properties in person, there are still ways you can effectively plan ahead and set yourself up for current and future buyers on the market.

1. Utilising 3D Property Scanning to showcase your home

3D property scanning uses camera technology to capture spaces around the house, which are then stitched together to create an interactive experience.

By utilising 3D property scanning, buyers are able to tour your property remotely online. Professional photos and videos are a staple of quality real estate listings and with a 3D tour of the property, your listing is effectively bolstered.

2. Virtual video tours

Real estate agents can conduct a live video call with potential buyers, walking them through the property and answering any questions they may have. This way, buyers can get a feel for the property without physically being there.

3. Independent Reports

If buyers wanted to buy the property sight unseen, they could make the contract subject to inspections from local professionals, who can provide independent reports where needed.

Such reports can provide reassurance to buyers who are unable to inspect the property themselves due to the road closure. They can also help speed up the sale process, as buyers may be more likely to make an offer if they have all the information they need.

Planning ahead to ensure a timely sale of your home.

Buyers may decide to make a settlement date that reflects the estimated road reopening times, so planning ahead and utilising the tools available will give you a head start, setting you up for buyers currently in the market.

With the current roading dilemma in the Coromandel, buyers are limited. That said, as more houses come onto the market, it remains difficult but not impossible for buyers to inspect properties.

With the right tools and marketing strategies, listing your property now means you are setting up for both buyers that are currently in the market, along with buyers entering when the road reopens and economic restraints ease.